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Oxblood Mahogany Leather Belt

Size Guide

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This timeless leather belt is versatile enough for any occasion.

Marquina ensures the use of only the highest quality leather, and the waxed finish promises durability and a beautiful patina as it ages. The reverse side of the belt boasts a natural nubuck lining. Its sophisticated brass buckle is adorned with a nickel overlay, providing a pristine silver appearance.

SIZE GUIDE: Below is an approximate sizing guide. It's recommended to measure before purchase to ensure the perfect fit. Belt sizing is gauged from the center hole to the buckle's edge. Typically, the belt size is one notch bigger than your waist measurement. Do measure your waist over your pants, taking into consideration varying thicknesses and styles (for instance, a low-rise jean might require a larger belt than high-waisted dress pants).

Marquina Size Guide

Our shoes come in whole sizes. If you take a half size, we recommend you go up to the nearest whole size.

Still unsure? Compare your size directly with our shoe size chart and measure your foot length correctly.


If your feet are wide please size up for RTW Flats ONLY.

4 35 20.8
5 36 21.6
6 37 22.5
7 38 23.5
8 39 24.1
9 40 25.1
10 41 25.9
11 42 26.7
12 43 27.6


MENS SIZE CHART - If your feet are wide please size up.

6.5 39
7 40
8 41
8.5-9 42
9.5 43
10 44
11 45
12 46



Place a white sheet of paper under your foot, and lean your heel against a wall. Make sure that you are on a flat surface and that the paper does not move (tip: fix the paper with tape)

Trace the outline of your foot with a pencil Feet often have slightly different dimensions, therefore repeat the process with the other foot. 

Use a ruler to measure the length of your foot in cm (distance between the heel and the longest toe) -- add 0.3cm to this measurement and compare to our size chart.