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August 31, 2021 5 min read


“Which pair of shoes go well with this outfit?” A question you may ask before going out for a stroll or heading out to your 9-to-5 grind. You try on several different pairs but after painstakingly trying to figure out which looks best, you end up wearing the same pair of shoes every day—even when they don’t match what you’re wearing. Your daily pair is familiar and comfortable, so it’s usually what you end up going with.

Changing up your shoes every once in a while has its benefits. Sporting a different pair for each set of pants you own can significantly boost your confidence, whether you’re presenting in an important work meeting or heading out on a first date. A new top-to-bottom style will let people see you in a different light and encourage the evolution of your image and personal style.

Wearing different pairs also extends the lifespan of your footwear. Our shoes absorb perspiration from our feet. “If you wear the same pair every day, your shoes don't have ample time to dry and they won't maintain their shape,” says shoe expert Jim Kass. By regularly changing up your shoe rotation, your pairs can last you for years, even decades!

We’re here to help you make the most out of every outfit by finding the best pair of shoes to complement your look. Here’s a useful style guide to show you which pair of shoes matches every pair of pants in your wardrobe.



grand horsebit penny loafer in black with blue chinos

black grand horsebit penny loafer

Grand Horsebit Loafer in Black Noir, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker


Chinos or chino pants are made with lightweight cotton or cotton blend fabric, which make them soft and comfortable enough to lounge around in. They also have a distinct slim fit which allows you to achieve a polished and dressy look. To complement this smart casual style, you can match your chinos with a pair of reliable loafers like the Grand Horsebit Loafer in Black Noir. This all-time Marquina bestseller is made of full grain leather uppers and premium leather lining. Each shoe is also embellished with a handsome horsebit buckle to make you look very put together while remaining urbanely casual.


brown penny loafers with khaki pants
brown penny loafers

Grand Penny Loafer in Chestnut Brown, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker

Cousin to chinos are khakis or khaki pants. These pants are made with heavier weight cotton fabric and have a more relaxed fit. Because of the sturdier fabric and looser fit, they’re typically worn when engaging in more casual activities like a first date or when grabbing drinks with friends. To match this laid-back feel, you can pair your khakis with the Grand Penny Loafer in Chestnut Brown. This pair flaunts top-of-the-line quality and design with its modern gimped tongue and pigskin lining—both of which provide guaranteed comfort and style. The versatile chestnut brown colorway also matches perfectly well with the warm hue of your khakis.


black oxfords with navy blue suit pants

Grand Captoe Oxford in Black Noir, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker


Are you attending a wedding or any other formal event anytime soon? To look your best from head to toe during these functions, make sure to match your suit with the proper dress shoes. You can never go wrong pairing the Grand Captoe Oxford in Black Noir with a handsome suit. This sophisticated pair is a fresh take on the classic Oxford shoe. Carefully crafted with a sleeker, modern mold and with blake-stitched leather soles, this pair guarantees longevity and comfort for all-day wear.

Slim-fit Trousers

oxblood burgundy monkstrap oxfords with pinstripe blue pants

burgundy oxblood monkstrap oxfords

Grand Double Monkstrap in Oxblood Burgundy, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker

Heading off to an important business meeting? Dress to impress with some slim-fit trousers and a pair of Monkstraps. While Oxfords are a common choice in the professional work setting, you can switch it up by sporting the sleek Grand Double Monkstrap in Oxblood Burgundy. This pair is made with 100% full grain leather, rubber heels, and comfortable foam inserts with memory foam insoles. These shoes certainly command attention for their boldness, rightfully complementing your classic, tailored look.



 oxblood burgundy brown boots with blue jeans

oxblood burgundy brown chukka boots

Armas Chukka Boot in Mahogany Brown, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker

Jeans are the pair of pants that can easily be dressed up or down according to your liking. If you’re going for a more casual look, pairing your denim with some trusty old loafers is the way to go. But if you’re looking to make more of a statement, swap in a suave pair of leather boots like the Armas Chukka Boot in Mahogany Brown. This dapper pair is made with full grain leather uppers, premium leather lining, and a comfortable memory foam footbed. Its slim, ankle-hugging design, will allow you to wear casual yet sophisticated looks in your jeans.

Loose-fit Trousers

black horsebit penny loafer with blue pants

oxblood mahogany brown tassel penny loafers

Grand Tassel Loafer in Mahogany Brown, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker

Instantly add sophistication to your otherwise casual, loose-fitting trousers with a pair of reliable tassel loafers—those you can easily style with a snazzy pair of socks for some added flair. The Grand Tassel Loafer in Mahogany Brown proves to be a great choice. These slip-on leather loafers are embellished with handmade leather tassels that can instantly upgrade your casual look to something more polished and sophisticated.

Cargo Pants

cognac tan brown oxford wingtips with jean jacket and blue cargo pants

cognac tan brown oxford wingtips

Grand Oxford Wingtip in Cognac Tan, ₱5,450, available at  Marquina Shoemaker

There are two types of cargo pants: relaxed and neat. Relaxed cargo pants are made with lighter weight fabrics, have a fuller shape, and designed with exterior pockets. These pants are known for their casual weekend look and are thus often worn with a snazzy pair of sneakers. However, if your cargo pants are neat—meaning they have a slimmer silhouette, streamlined pockets, and are made with heavier weight fabrics, you can always dress them up with a navy blazer, a pocket square, and an urbane pair of Oxfords like the Grand Oxford Wingtip in Cognac Tan. These wingtips, with their 100% full grain leather uppers, genuine leather lining, and rich cognac color, will definitely complement your neat cargo pants.

Marquina Shoemaker

Finding the right shoes for every occasion makes a huge difference when building your wardrobe. It allows you to explore a variety of looks and saves your go-to pair from daily wear and tear. Aside from matching styles, it’s also equally important to find shoes that have been crafted with top-of-the-line quality, design, and material.  Here, at Marquina Shoemaker, we guarantee you’ll find just the right pair. Paying homage to our company’s namesake, we create timeless shoes that provide comfort and style, and will last you for years. Grab yourself a pair of Marquina shoes today to match every pair of pants in your wardrobe.



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